Saving unborn babies and helping women on the brink of abortion starts with you!

When Jasmine walked into Care Net Pregnancy Center of Houston, she was juggling a full-time job while pursuing a degree in accounting and caring for her two children. Overwhelmed when her home pregnancy test was positive, Jasmine decided that abortion was the best solution to her problem.

Thanks to passionate, pro-life donors we were able to provide Jasmine with an ultrasound, allowing her to see the arms and legs and developing hands and feet of her baby. Seeing the blip-blip-blip of the heartbeat on the monitor sealed the deal: Jasmine left that day determined to CHOOSE LIFE for her baby!

After more than 30 years of ministry, Care Net-Houston continues to be a beacon of light and a source of godly wisdom to the women in our community, like Jasmine, who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. Because of pro-life donors like you, we remain the largest pregnancy center in northwest Harris County. We’ve also been nationally recognized for serving the most women who were initially seeking an abortion.

While illegal in Texas, there is no shortage of ways to still get an abortion. Women can easily access the abortion pill online or by traveling out-of-state. Your donation today enables every pregnant woman who comes through our doors to hear the gospel and receive an ultrasound; 90% of women who see their developing baby through an ultrasound CHOOSE LIFE.

Your gift provides:

  • Free pregnancy testing and ultrasounds
  • Godly counsel and education to women considering abortion
  • Parenting classes and much needed baby items

·         Parenting classes and much needed baby items

The pro-abortion crowd is trying to discredit pregnancy centers like us by mounting online “anti-crisis pregnancy center” campaigns and by censoring pregnancy ads.  But, with your gift, we can strategically market Care Net-Houston online to ensure that women will find us first.

In October, Jasmine gave birth to Mason, a healthy baby boy.  For Mason, the availability of an ultrasound made the difference between life and death. Your gift this season ensures that every woman that comes after Jasmine can see her baby at a time when abortion is looming large in her mind.

Please use the secure form provided to make your gift today and save babies like Mason right here in your community. Your gift will Save Lives Today…and for Eternity.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit, charitable organization. All donations are tax-deductible as allowed by the IRS tax code.

How your donation helps

$50 sponsors an initial counseling appointment and pregnancy test.

$100 provides an ultrasound for a woman to see her developing baby.

$200 purchases a new crib for a young mom who has attended parenting classes.

$500 helps reach more women in our community through our online marketing before they make a life-changing decision.

If you need assistance please call/leave a message at 281.444.8049