Lily’s Testimony

Dear Friends of Care Net,

It may not yet feel like fall, but it is the time of year when we would normally be in full swing of registering for Care Net’s Annual Fall Fundraiser.  As you are likely aware by now, we cannot gather in person as we usually do in October.  Instead, we are creating a special printed publication filled with testimonies of God’s faithfulness, stories of lives saved and transformed.  Be on the lookout for that publication in your mailbox around October 8.

We are grateful that God has protected the staff and volunteers who continue to serve in the midst of the ongoing pandemic.  We appreciate your prayers for God’s continued protection on the women and the unborn who visit us in Champions and in Cypress.  I hope that you will be inspired by the following story about Lilly, a young woman who recently visited the pregnancy center.

Lilly had spent time in prison and lost her grandmother shortly after being released.  Faced with what seemed like an impossible task of finding employment when she got out, Lilly turned to the streets to support her and her 6-year old son, Dylan.  When Lilly came to Care Net, she was already pretty sure she was pregnant. She wasn’t at all sure she wanted to bring another child into her disheveled life and into this chaotic world.  

When Lilly came for an ultrasound and saw her baby—she was about 8 weeks along—she began feeling more confident about parenting and talked about getting help from her mom.  At both appointments, she was encouraged by spiritual conversations and expressed how much she appreciated the care and concern that was shown to her.  


After the ultrasound visit, Lilly felt she had hope, but when a staff member called her a few days later to check in with her, Lilly was so distraught, crying; she was barely understandable.  She had gotten into a fight with her mom, and her housing situation had become unstable.  To make matters worse, she had been nauseous and vomiting for the past two days, unable to keep anything down.
Nanette was able to give Lilly a number of helpful referrals—for housing and medical care—and encouraged her to go to the ER if her symptoms did not quickly improve.  Lilly was appreciative of our support and prayers. 

At last contact with Care Net’s nurse, she was feeling better and had been able to connect with the perinatal clinic to provide medical care during her pregnancy.  Please pray for Lilly—that she will continue to sense God’s care and concern for her, Dylan, and her unborn child, that she will secure a place to stay as well as medical care and employment, and that she can reconcile with her mother.

I know it’s hard for many of us to relate to Lilly.  It would be easy to turn away; weren’t all her troubles the result of her own bad decisions?  Some might even think that Lilly was getting what she deserved.  But, wait a minute.  What if God had turned away from me and my messy life?  Or turned away from you and your messy life?  What if God gave each of us just what we deserved—eternal life separated from Him?  

For me, I’m beyond grateful that almost 35 years ago, God reached into my life, prompted some godly people to walk beside me and offered me exactly what I did not deserve—eternal life with Him.  Here at Care Net, we are grateful for the women God draws through our doors—disheveled lives and all.  We are grateful for the staff and volunteers He calls to serve Him here.  And we are grateful for serving shoulder to shoulder with you as we work toward a community where All Women Choose Life.

Yours in Christ,

Nanda Kirkpatrick Signature

Dr. Nanda Kirkpatrick,
Executive Director

*We use aliases and change minor details of client stories to protect the confidentiality of the women who seek help at Care Net.