The programs at Care Net support LIFE by providing emotional and spiritual support to families facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Support life

Bring the message of hope, the message of life, and the message of Christ with Care Net Pregnancy Center. Explore how our programs provide emotional, spiritual, and physical support to women, teens, and families experiencing an unplanned pregnancy. Bring life to your community by supporting Care Net Pregnancy Center.

Be missional for life

Life is precious. Yet in the Greater Houston area alone, more than 22,000 lives are lost to abortion every year. Care Net Pregnancy Center works to change that by providing free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, offering a listening ear and other services. These programs enrich clients’ lives, save babies, and provide opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Lives are lost every year in the Graeter Houston area.

Pregnancy counseling

Advocating for life

More than 85,000 abortions take place in Texas each and every year. And many are happening right here in our city. In fact, the Greater Houston area accounts for more than 25% of all abortions performed in the state each year. Those lives are why Care Net Pregnancy Center exists.

We're here to reach those women during their search for abortion, to intervene with hope and encouragement, and to impact them for life and Christ.

Abortion may seem like it's the only choice

When a young woman thinks—or already knows—that she is pregnant, her life circumstances may be so overwhelming that she believes abortion is her only way out. From a place of fear and desperation she may turn to abortion, ending the life of her child and changing her own life forever. 

Care Net exists to reach those women before they decide on abortion. Our goal is to educate them about their pregnancy, talk to them about their options and help them see the reality of life growing inside them.

Will you help us accomplish this mission?

Life-affirming health services

96% of women who visit Care Net Pregnancy Center first come to our center to receive a free pregnancy test.

What those women don’t realize during their first visit is that they’ll receive so much more. Care Net provides support and life-affirming ultrasounds to women facing unplanned pregnancies, giving women who are considering abortion the opportunity to see their baby and hear the heartbeat for the very first time. Beyond a mere medical service, these sonograms become life-saving images for women on the brink of choosing abortion for their baby, encouraging them to give their child life. 

Conversations that save lives
Meeting the challenge
Encouraging fathers


Preparing to parent

Many women consider abortion out of fear. Fear of raising a child.  Fear of providing for a baby. Fear of this huge change in lifestyle, when a baby wasn’t planned at all.

In 1999, Care Net Pregnancy Center founded the Life Enrichment Program to address these fears and encourage moms who choose life. Since then the program has grown to offer more than 20 classes. We need your help to grow the program even more. 

Classes prepare parents

Classes at Care Net are offered in 3 main areas: Pregnancy & Baby Care, Life Skills and Spiritual Relationships.

But these classes go beyond the content: classes give new moms and new dads confidence in their choice for life and encourage them throughout the pregnancy and beyond. Plus, moms and dads who attend class earn “Baby Bucks” they can redeem in Care Net’s Baby Boutique, which houses items like cribs, clothes, diapers and other necessities.

Encourage new moms and dads
Dads are invited, too
Support beyond the classroom

Fathers at Care Net

Fathers are warmly welcomed by the Staff at Care Net Pregnancy Center

Fathers play a vital role in every aspect of their children's lives.  Care Net is dedicated to inspiring men to become involved, committed, and responsible fathers.

Fathers are warmly welcomed at the center and are provided with a Daddy Folder with information to help them prepare for fatherhood. They are invited to accompany their wife or girlfriend to view the ultrasound image of their baby.

Fathers are also encouraged to attend Life Enrichment Program classes earning Baby Bucks that can be redeemed for items in the Baby Boutique.  When fathers attend Life Enrichment Program classes, that doubles the Baby Bucks earned by the couple. Referrals to organizations that may be able to meet other needs (such as Northwest Bible Church’s Between Jobs Ministry that assists with employment) are as available to fathers as they are to our female clients.

Initial appointment

After the Care Staff Volunteer has greeted the father and introduced herself, she will visit initially alone with the young woman.

Following this conversation, after the results of her pregnancy test are known and at her request, he is invited to join them in the appointment room. He is given a special Daddy Folder prepared with his needs in mind; a great resource that provides helpful information about pregnancy and being a first-time dad, information about the classes available to him and the baby's mother, as well as a written presentation of the gospel. At this time, he is encouraged to attend classes with the mother of his child.

Ultrasound appointment
Life enrichment program classes

After Abortion

Healing after abortion

While Care Net's goal is to help women make a choice for life, Guttmacher Institute (2014) research indicates that "at least half of American women will experience an unintended pregnancy by age 45, and at 2008 abortion rates, 3 in 10 women will have an abortion by age 45" [4,5].  

Women who choose abortion may experience what is known as Post Abortion Stress Syndrome. Symptoms can include feelings of grief, anxiety or depression.  These symptoms may manifest themselves soon after the abortion experience, or may not become apparent for several years.

Care Net's commitment to compassionate care includes making available our Conversations groups.  This is a safe environment among women who have had similar experiences.  Based on Linda Cochrane's Forgiven and Set Free Bible study, topics include The Character of God, Relief and Denial, Anger and The Need to Forgive.

If you or someone you know has experienced abortion and would like to join a Conversations group, please contact Nanette Rodgers.  

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