Fathers at Care Net

Fathers at Care Net

Fathers are warmly welcomed by the staff at Care Net Pregnancy Center

Fathers play a vital role in every aspect of their children's lives.  Care Net is dedicated to inspiring men to become involved, committed, and responsible fathers.

Fathers are warmly welcomed at the center and are provided with a Daddy Folder with information to help them prepare for fatherhood. They are invited to accompany their wife or girlfriend to view the ultrasound image of their baby.

Fathers are also encouraged to attend Life Enrichment Program classes earning Baby Bucks that can be redeemed for items in the Baby Boutique.  When fathers attend Life Enrichment Program classes, that doubles the Baby Bucks earned by the couple. Referrals to organizations that may be able to meet other needs (such as Northwest Bible Church’s Between Jobs Ministry that assists with employment) are as available to fathers as they are to our female clients.

Care Net is dedicated to inspiring men to become involved, committed, and responsible fathers

Initial Appointment

After the Care Staff Volunteer has greeted the father and introduced herself, she will visit initially alone with the young woman.

Following this conversation, after the results of her pregnancy test are known and at her request, he is invited to join them in the appointment room. He is given a special Daddy Folder prepared with his needs in mind; a great resource that provides helpful information about pregnancy and being a first-time dad, information about the classes available to him and the baby's mother, as well as a written presentation of the gospel. At this time, he is encouraged to attend classes with the mother of his child.

Ultrasound Appointment

Men are encouraged to return with their girlfriend or wife to view the ultrasound image of their baby.

During the sonogram appointment, the nurse will describe the images displayed on the monitor, answer any questions he may have and provide the couple with a photograph of their baby.

Life Enrichment Program Classes

Baby’s fathers are encouraged to attend classes in the areas of parenting, life skills, and biblical studies.

As fathers attend classes, they also earn Baby Bucks; so, as a couple they will earn double Baby Bucks to be redeemed in the Baby Boutique, making it very easy for them to earn important items such as a crib and mattress, diapers, and baby clothing.