Pregnancy Counseling

Pregnancy Counseling

Advocating for Life

More than 55,000 abortions take place in Texas each and every year. And many are happening right here in our city. In fact, the Greater Houston area accounts for more than 25% of all abortions performed in the state each year. Those lives are why Care Net Pregnancy Center exists.

We're here to reach those women during their search for abortion, to intervene with hope and encouragement, and to impact them for life and Christ.

Abortion may Seem Like it's the Only Choice

When a young woman thinks—or already knows—that she is pregnant, her life circumstances may be so overwhelming that she believes abortion is her only way out. From a place of fear and desperation she may turn to abortion, ending the life of her child and changing her own life forever. 

Care Net exists to reach those women before they decide on abortion. Our goal is to educate them about their pregnancy, talk to them about their options and help them see the reality of life growing inside them.

Will you help us accomplish this mission?

Life-affirming health services

95% of women who visit Care Net Pregnancy Center first come to our center to receive a free pregnancy test.

What those women don’t realize during their first visit is that they’ll receive so much more. Care Net provides support and life-affirming ultrasounds to women facing unplanned pregnancies, giving women who are considering abortion the opportunity to see their baby and hear the heartbeat for the very first time. Beyond a mere medical service, these sonograms become life-saving images for women on the brink of choosing abortion for their baby, encouraging them to give their child life. 

Conversations that Save Lives

Once a woman learns she’s pregnant, she needs someone to talk to about her situation and options for her next steps.

Care Net provides pregnancy counseling to help her understand her situation, her options and the tiny life that’s growing inside of her. Your help is needed to expand this vital ministry. Our facilities could support more than twice as many counseling opportunities as we currently have if we only had the volunteers available. If God is calling you to this life-saving ministry, call today to initiate the process of becoming a volunteer. You’ll provide practical support to a woman in crisis, while showing her the love and hope that can be found only in Christ.

Meeting the Challenge

Empower women to choose life for their babies through the love of Christ.

Stand with Care Net to bring life, hope and Christ to our community. Volunteer to counsel women who are considering abortion. Or make a generous gift to support our ministry. Your contribution of any size or type will help Care Net reach more abortion-minded women than ever before.

Encouraging fathers

For every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, there is a partner, a dad.

Care Net is dedicated to inspiring men to become involved, committed, and responsible fathers. Fathers are warmly welcomed at the center and are provided with a Daddy Folder that contains information to help them prepare for fatherhood, and are strongly encouraged to attend classes in our Life Enrichment Program.